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Is Chess Good For A Child? Here Are 5 Different Ways To Prove That!

All the parents in the world want their child to be their best version as they grow up, and undoubtedly parents put every possible effort into making their children involved in several activities. Activities that are enriching, that can help enhance their skills and make them physically and mentally strong. But the question remains, how can parents make their children smart and intellectual? To answer the question in one word, it is Chess! Chess is good for a child to improve not only their mental capabilities but also make their decision-making skill stronger.

Sometimes parents become skeptical while teaching their children to learn Chess, at an early stage. But they underestimate the advantages it brings to their child’s life. Numerous online Chess classes are available on the internet, which helps children understand its concepts, basics, tips & tricks, and much more. 

When children start playing Chess, they show perceptible improvement in their logical thinking, problem solving, concentration, and focus. Not only that, Chess helps in developing some of life’s essential skills, like communication, confidence, discipline, comprehension, awareness, and creative aspects. 

We know Chess is good for a child. Here are five different ways to prove that:

1) Enhances Engagement and Memory Skills:

A study accomplished by the University of Memphis stated that when a child plays Chess on a regular basis, it enhances their attention period, makes their memory strong in the process, and improves their ability of spatial reasoning. Besides, focus and concentration are critical aspects when you are playing Chess. You have to think critically and strategize your move around the board carefully to assess the next action of your opponent or to create a plan on what your next move will be. It is a fact that students who play Chess on a regular basis score 13 percent higher in critical thinking and 35 percent increment in creative thinking compared to students who never play Chess.

2) Academics Improvement: 

Although Chess does not include Math or reading skills, but it has the power to increase the focus span and work on a child’s problem-solving skills. And regular play helps in enhancing quantitative & logical reasoning, reading, and critical thinking. All these factors help in improving the academic performance of a child. Multiple studies conducted by researchers explain that children who play Chess regularly deliver better & improved math scores compared to children who don’t play it. It is not limited to maths and reading skills only. Chess can enhance academic performance across almost all subjects a child has to study in the future, such as art, social science, science, etc. Besides, the skills children will learn by playing Chess will help them in the long run.

3) Makes A Child Stronger Mentally:

Though your child might not be at any mental risk at a moment, but as a parent, you will take all the necessary steps so that your child might never face any issue, whether it is mentally or physically. Chess is a good and effective sport that helps in performing complete mental exercise at once. When a child plays Chess regularly, it reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, dementia, stress, and other mental disorders among them. 

4) Rewards Child For Their Hard Work:

When children get rewarded for their good work, they tend to perform better, no matter what they do or are doing. It promotes healthy work ethics that are undeniably helpful for them in the future. A child put an enormous effort while playing Chess, engaging not only with themselves in their mind but with their opponents and being persistent in winning the game in the end. The intriguing Chess game delivers immediate results and feedback as well.

5) Encourages To Maintain Connection & Relation:

As a parent, you might have already witnessed how children nowadays participate less in any social activity. All they want to do is spend most of their time sticking to television or phone. So why not use this opportunity to teach them something innovative and good? Believe it or not, Chess is a good way to build healthy relationships and maintain connections that last longer. Taking part in online chess classes, online chess tournaments, and championships, or simply becoming a part of a Chess campaign are a few ways where children can find people who share the same passion. It gives children the opportunity to learn something new, maintain friendships with their new friends and improve their social skills.

Take Away:

Chess is a fascinating sport that has the power to enhance the mental capability of a person. If one starts to play early in life, during the growth period, or while still a child, it gives the chance to enrich life with better career prospects. Piggy Ride provides an extensive list of programs on Chess, where children can start learning the basics at an early stage. At Piggy Ride, you can get a certified Chess curriculum curated by Akash Ganesan. He is an Indian Chess grandmaster and former national champion. 

Besides that, if you are facing any challenge or problem, be it related to Chess or another sport, other languages, singing, dancing, etc., you can ask your question directly at our QnA section, where one of our members will respond to you ASAP and resolve your query.

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