How to Select the Right Social Media Platforms for Online Course Promotion 

With the advancements in science and technology, several social media applications have been launched for easy and effective communication with people all across the globe. For professional sectors, social media platforms are doing wonders for better collaboration, business expansion, and sales. Similarly for the success of the online courses platform, the creators use social media for promotional and marketing strategies.

 However, with so many platforms available, choosing the right one for online courses becomes difficult. Every social media platform is unique and effective in its way. Let us discuss a set of tips, that online course creators can follow to select the right social media platforms for course promotion, investments, and generating maximum sales later. 

Benefits of social media platforms 

  • Social media platforms help to reach out to the maximum number of people possible and offer easy ways of communication. 
  • Social media applications help in active business promotion and marketing. 
  • Selling products becomes much better by displaying the products on different social media sites. 
  • The good engagement rate, and views become an additional source of income for the people who stay consistent with social media content uploads. 

Ways to select the right social media platforms for online course promotion 

1. Research well your competitors

To choose effective social media platforms for your course promotion and sales, you need to research your competitors well. Use the keywords to find out who all are launching and practicing the course similar to your course topic. Visit all their social media platforms and understand their content and uploads properly. See on which platform the audience is more active and engaged with your competitors. This will help you to work accordingly and make the right choices.  The main points to focus on are how consistently they post, what hashtags and keywords are being used, views rate, and content topics. 

2. Be unique with your content

Uploading the same content as what your other competitors are also uploading already, doesn’t create any difference. The audience will only go for the pre-existing courses. To make people attracted to your course, you need to be innovative and unique with your social media course content. Whatever information you have gained as per your research, try now to create some content that is less monotonous and more creative. This will help you to succeed and catch the audience’s attention on any platform selected.

3. Find which platform has the maximum target audience reach

For how to sell courses online effectively, choosing the right social media platform is necessary. Today many social media applications are being launched for people. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. To make your online course successful, you need to search which platform will help you gain the maximum reach and engagement rate. For this, you can research on the internet properly. See which social media platform is being highly used nowadays and which is low in use. 

4. Select the social media platform as per the course topic

To use social media correctly for your online course, it’s important to choose the right social media platform where you will work, and put effort. The course topic and social media platform selected, both these things are interlinked. For example, if your online course is on cooking or fitness, uploading its detailed videos on YouTube is quite effective. Similarly, if your course topic is personality development and English speaking, or career coaching, promoting it on LinkedIn, Twitter and quora will be quite beneficial. 

5. Any platform you select, content regularity is important

If you are not regular with your content uploads, no platform can serve you properly. Social media accounts are highly used. If your account is not informative, many other accounts will catch learners’ attention, collaboration, and success. To sell your online courses effectively, you need to adopt a consistent working strategy. Instead of being active and doing something for all social media accounts, give your proper time, effort, and energy on one of the platforms first. Upload educational videos, live streams, text messages, and templates regularly.  


With the growth in technology, every single day, social media applications are also increasing. For finding the appropriate fit for your online course promotion, proper research is important. By following the above-mentioned tips, online course creators can find the right social media platforms for their courses. This will help to reach out to the target audience and sell online courses successfully. 

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