How to seek the right talent in Germany

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Also, it is one of the most ‘in demand’ languages in the world, which makes German-speaking individuals, one of the most wanted employees in the world. It has become hard for companies to recruit German professionals to their firms. A major reason that affects the recruitment of German professionals to companies based abroad, is that most Germans refrain from settling abroad.

They wouldn’t mind traveling to another country for professional commitments, but shifting their base to another country permanently is a deal that puts them off. There are several similar issues with the recruitment of German professionals that stand in the way of it.  PEO services like Germany’s employer of record can ease the recruitment of foreign employees. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips that companies can employ to recruit more and more German talent to their firm.

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1. An attractive relocation package:

If you are a company that is not based in Germany, you will require your German employees to relocate to the country you’re based in. Now, relocation can be a tedious process, and therefore one needs to think about what they can do to make it easy for their potential employees. List some factors that you could aid your potential employees with, in order to make their immigration in your country easier. If you are a company that is ready to appoint work-from-home employees, it can save you from the relocation package and it will be easier for your German employees to work for you.

2. Honesty is honestly the best policy:

Several companies do not mention the exact amount of salary they offer for a job profile.  A candidate goes through the entire recruitment process, hoping for their desired salary. When in return the company loses the candidate in the process of negotiation, it is the company that is losing not just the right talent, but also their image. Therefore, make sure you mention the right salary that you shall be offered for a job position. Make it very clear to the candidates applying for the job, if you shall not consider any negotiations in the salary.

3. Health insurance:

Like we mentioned earlier, in order to recruit more foreign employees, especially German employees, you will need to offer them some extra perks that will make relocating to a foreign land easier for them. Health insurance is one such factor. Consider offering them a secure health insurance plan that will take care of their health and medical needs from time to time, and shall cover most of the cost involved in these. You can appoint professionals to suggest the most suitable insurance plans or you can even survey to understand the medical needs of Germans and devise an insurance plan that is most suited for them.

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4. PEO service:

Hiring employees from a foreign land can be a tedious and complicated process. However, to ease it, you always have PEO services to turn to. PEO acts like a mediator who employs professionals from a foreign land and acts as an employer for them, while they shall work for their original employer sitting in a foreign country. PEO services take care of all the legal procedures involved in recruiting a foreign candidate and therefore, eases the work of the company that hires them. Germany employer of record is an international PEO service provider that eases the process of hiring German employees.

5. Mention your USP and use more graphics:

Every company has a set of values and rules that it follows religiously. These values make it stand out from the crowd and attract different employees to get associated with it. Make sure you mention your USP and all your values on your company’s brochures, pamphlets, and even in its advertisements.

Also, you need to communicate better with your potential employees, therefore try to mention the statistics of your growth in the past few years on the pamphlets and advertisements. A good trick to do so is by using graphics like pie charts, graphs, etc. Visual learning is one of the easiest mods to feed information to another person. Using graphics and images to convey your information can help in a better perception of it. Check out this site to get various latest information.


To attract more German employees to your company, offer a suitable and attractive relocation package. Offer them health insurance packages that take care of their medical needs. Make sure you mention the USP of your company on its brochures and advertisements. You can hire PEO services like a German employer of record to ease the recruitment of foreign employees.

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