How To Ensure Your Home’s Safety While Going On A Trip

No matter how beautiful the place you have planned to visit is, ultimately, you will come back to your home. Therefore, ensuring its safety when you are away is of paramount importance. Here are a few things you must consider before leaving your home for an extended period.

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Do Not Make Your Absence Obvious

Even when you are out, make your home look like someone is still living in it. This will rule out the possibility of passers-by with malicious intentions getting an impression that your house is empty and can be an easy target. There are timers you can invest in that switch on and off the lights periodically.

Leave the curtains a little open but not so much that a lot of what is inside gets revealed. Stop the delivery of daily newspapers. When a few of them gets piled at your doorsteps, it is easy to imply that you are not at home. Moreover, it is better to get someone to use your driveway to park their car.

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Keep your lawns trimmed and maintained to project that you are still there to care for them. You can either get it done before you leave in the case of a short vacation or hire someone to do it at regular intervals if your trip is a long one.

Ask Neighbours To Keep A Check

Irrespective of the precautions you take, nothing can assure you, like your neighbor giving you updates about the welfare of your house. Therefore, before leaving, communicate with your neighbors. Tell them to take rounds of your premises now and then. If they are willing to, then let them water your plants too. Occasional hustle-bustle around your place can successfully deceive disguised burglars against your house.

Lock Everything Up

This comes as a no-brainer. Before you set out on a trip, lock every door. It is not just about the front door or the gate to your backyard. Be particular about locking the door to every room, including your kitchen.

It is because, despite taking the necessary precautions, you cannot be completely sure that no one is going to break into. In such cases, the more secure your interior space is, the better. It would help if you also took special care of the important documents, jewelry, and cash at home. Storing them in a digital home safe will enhance their security to a great extent.

Unplug The Electronic Appliances

It is of utmost importance to plug out all the electronic appliances of your house that would not be in use when you are away. Those might include your television, oven, desktop computer, and other gadgets. It will save power and cut your electricity cost and save your appliances from any electrical accidents due to power fluctuations.

However, if you have a pond with fish in it, make sure to leave the pond carbon filter on. Switching it off will increase the concentration of contaminants in your pond, making the environment unfavorable for the sustenance of your aquatic pets.

Use Social Media Smartly

You never know who is prying upon you and your property and from which source. Social media platforms have turned the sweet spots for planning and executing crime cases. Therefore, do not be an open book on the internet when you plan to be away from home.

If you are into blogging or posting things regularly, avoid revealing your plans. This will give miscreants a lead and their next target. When you are on your vacation, click loads of pictures. However, we advise you to pull your fingers back from clicking the post button.

It is always better to post your vacation pictures after returning from the trip. However, if a click is too good to rest in your draft for long, then turn off the geotagging before posting it. This will go a long way in securing your house in your absence.


You would certainly want to see your house the way you left it. Nothing can be more relieving than that. Therefore, sometimes you might have to take the extra mile. In addition to the above precautions, you can also go for the installation of a security system at your house, which will keep a check on it 24/7 with the help of sensors, detectors, alarms, and cameras.

To rest assured, you can incorporate surveillance cameras which you can monitor through your smartphones. Moreover, make sure that you take the keys with you and not leave them anywhere outside. Do not trust any hiding spot. It is never impossible for them to be unearthed by the burglars. Before leaving your house, think while being in the shoes of a thief, and you will be able to secure your house in the best possible way.

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