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From Kahn to Kuhn. They were in price but still gone

The reasons for retirement are varied. Football is not the most noble kind of sport, so that it can be categorically stated that football players end their careers solely of their own free will. Not at all, although your own decision is still the most common reason. Here is the betting portal where you can bet on the most popular games now.

And the fact that even the greatest and most famous ones complete the game. Sometimes it happens that players hang boosters (or gloves) on a nail when there is still a good demand for them, which is confirmed by their considerable transfer value.

Your attention to eight football players who had a good “check” when they decided to end their careers.

Oliver Kahn (Germany)

Kahn, now 52, ​​began his professional career with his native Karlsruhe. Then he was 18, and for a long time he did not get the opportunity to prove himself. When he waited for his own, he became not just the leader of the team, but its leader. The semi-finals of the 1993/1994 UEFA Cup at Karlsruhe would not have been possible without the power and energy that came from the Titan (one of Oliver’s nicknames).
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In 1994, Kana signed Bayern Munich for a record 4.6 million German marks (2.4 million euros) for a goalkeeper, which Oliver moved to, as it turned out, until the end of his career. With the Munich team, he won 22 team titles, and in parallel with the German national team became the European champion (1996), world vice-champion (2002) and World Cup bronze medalist (2006).

Oliver Kahn ended his career when he was 39 years old. He left when he was still worth a considerable 4.5 million euros. For a minute – more expensive than Bayern signed him at the time.

Sebastian Deisler (Germany)

Borussia Mönchengladbach can be considered native for Deisler, from which he left for big football. In the early 2000s, Sebastian was considered one of the most promising football players in Germany. However, he was not destined to reach his full potential due to several cruciate ligament ruptures and other injuries, as well as severe depression.

Being a Bayern player from 2002 to 2007, he was forced to be treated in a mental hospital. Deisler was diagnosed with emotional burnout. In January 2007, health problems forced Sebastian to announce his retirement, after which he returned to Berlin.

Fabrice Muamba (England)

Fabrice’s father was a refugee from the DR Congo who managed to obtain English citizenship. The future midfielder moved to England at the age of 11, and lived with his family in London, where over time he began to attend the Arsenal academy.

He did not become a player of the “base” of the “Gunners”. He played on loan for Birmingham, which in May 2007 fully bought the rights to it. A year later, Fabrice joined Bolton, where he ended his career at the age of 24. It happened after a tragic incident. On March 17, 2012, in the quarter-final match of the FA Cup against Tottenham, the player lost consciousness at the end of the first half and fell to the lawn. Muamba was rushed to the hospital, where he was in critical condition. Later, representatives of the London hospital reported that Muamba suffered a heart attack. As it turned out later, Fabrice survived the cardiac arrest within 78 minutes. After such a speech about professional football could not be.
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