Features Of The Latest MacBook Air Launches

MacBook Air is a revolutionary lineup in the field of lightweight, hassle-free, easy-to-carry laptops launched by Apple. Its portability and performance make it unique, and its long battery life increases its efficiency. 

Before the MacBook Air lineup came with the M2 chips, they were faster than the M1 and M1 Pro, but Apple levelled up the game this time and launched the MacBook M3. Integrating the M3 chips with the large screen size provided a better user experience, so Apple launched the MacBook Air 15 and Apple MacBook 16-inch with the M3 chips. Let’s learn more about the features of these revolutionary launches.

Apple 15-inch MacBook Air with M3 chip 

It’s a perfect combination of efficiency and capacity and the added M3 chips have increased its performance and provided a better user experience.

Let’s know the features of the 15-inch MacBook Air M3.

  • The perfect size – It has a 38.91 cm (15.3 inch″), Liquid Retina display with True Tone. It enhances the experience of work and gaming with its better visual capacity.
  • 16-core Neural Engine – MacBook 15 provides a smooth user experience with the capacity of a 16-core neural engine. You don’t have to worry about performance issues.
  • Better camera quality – 1080p FaceTime HD camera makes it a perfect match for work.
  • M3 chip – It is a super fast, super capable chip launched to increase the efficiency of the MacBook. It has the capacity to run multiple apps. It has better editing capabilities and can edit multiple photos or 4K videos. It is up to 13 times faster than the prior Intel-based MacBook Air. It also has the capacity to support up to two external displays.
  • Better storage and memory – MacBook 15-inch provides up to 2 TB of storage, enhancing its performance and speed. In addition to storage, the MacBook 15-inch offers 24 GB of memory, making it possible to run multiple apps at the same time without any hassle.

It also has features like the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the MagSafe 3 charging port.

Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 chip

The MacBook 16-inch is a perfectly sized, easy-to-carry MacBook with enhanced performance capacity.

Let’s know the features of the 16-inch MacBook M3

  • Better Display – It has a 41.05 cm (16.2″) Liquid Retina XDR display that provides the best visual experience.
  • M3 Pro chips – M3 Pro provides even better performance. It has the capability to edit multiple streams of 8K video. 
  • Memory and storage – It can be configured with up to 36GB of unified memory and also supports up to two external displays.

To increase its efficiency, it has a 16-core CPU and a 40-core GPU. Better camera quality with a long battery life.

The MacBook Air lineup has solved the portability issue with its thin, easy-to-carry design, along with the added advantage of the MacBook M3. The M3 enhances the capabilities and solves all performance and storage issues. You can find the best MacBook Air with all its latest features and qualities on the Maple website. Go visit it now! 

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