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Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Sex is a big part of our lives, isn’t it? Well, okay, some people enjoy it more than others, but we cannot deny the fact that it is definitely an important activity that most of us engage in nowadays. It has long been thought that men are the ones who enjoy it and that women are simply thinking of it as of a chore that needs to be done. Thank God that such outdated opinions have stopped spreading, because they are definitely incorrect.

Both men and women enjoy sex quite a lot, and sexuality can be expressed in numerous different ways. We have started talking about that today, meaning that everyone has the opportunity to be more open about what attracts them and what doesn’t. Consequently, that leads to even more enjoyable sex. I am not here, however, to talk about how much we all enjoy it, but I did have to mention the changes that are happening in the world when it comes to sexuality in general.

There is one problem, though, that men have been facing in this area since, well, forever. When men, sex and problems are all mentioned in the same sentence, then we certainly all get an idea as to what it is that’s being talked about. I am sure that things are no different this time either and that you were able to take a guess here and figure out which particular problem I am referring to. Nevertheless, let me cut right to the chase and make things clear.

Erectile Dysfunction Explained

Erectile dysfunction is practically one of the most common issues that men face in the bedroom. It affects a large percentage of people. So, if you are one of those, it is important for you to understand that you are not alone in this and that there are definitely solutions that you can try out and use to treat this issue. And, if your partner is having troubles dealing with the problem, then you might want to help them get more info on it and thus learn how to cope.

Anyway, we are not going to be focusing on your partner today. Instead, we are going to focus on you and the problem that you are having. Basically, erectile dysfunction is defined as an inability to get or keep an erection that will remain firm enough in order to have sex. From time to time, all men experience this particular issue. So, if you’ve had it happen once or twice in your lifetime so far, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

If, however, this issue keeps reoccurring and if you are noticing that it is progressive and that it happens every time during sex, then you should get worried. That is undeniably a cause for concern and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Of course, I suppose that this is one of those things that no man will take for granted, since you don’t like the idea of not having proper sex anytime soon.

The good thing is that, in most instances, this problem can be resolved. The treatment course, however, depends on the actual causes of ED. So, before we get to the process of treating the issue, we first need to talk about those causes. And we should also tell you a bit more about the symptoms of ED, as that is also quite an important topic.

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

If the idea of looking for ED symptoms sounds a bit weird to you, well, that’s because it is weird. The symptom is quite clear. You cannot get or keep an erection, and that is a clear sign that something is wrong. I had to make this into a separate paragraph, though, because I want to mention some other symptoms that can appear basically at the same time as erectile dysfunction.

To be more precise, ED can sometimes be a symptom of some other problems, and those are related both to mental and to physical health. Low self-esteem and depression are high on the list of those things that ED could be pointing too, but there are also cardiovascular diseases to keep in mind. People with erectile dysfunction can be at a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and similar issues. Sometimes, this sexual issue can cause depression and low self-esteem, and sometimes it is the other way around.

Causes Of ED

Similarly to the above, this problem can definitely be caused both by physical and mental health issues. Among other things, your age and your unhealthy lifestyle that includes alcohol, drugs, smoking and lack of exercise, can be the cause of ED. In addition to that, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and certain cardiovascular diseases can cause this particular problem. It is best, though, for your doctor to figure out the cause and then propose the right treatment.

How To Treat ED

We have now come to the part of treating erectile dysfunction. What you need to know is that the precise course of treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Sure, there are some home remedies that you can try out, but the best thing to do is find an ED doctor, explain your problem and talk about any other symptoms that you might be having, so that they can determine the cause and propose the right treatment.

The good news is that there are a lot of amazing ED doctors out there today, meaning that you won’t have trouble finding one and thus getting the proper treatment. Some people will need to deal with their physical health issues in order for the problem to get resolved, others will need to get a grip on their emotional and mental health, and, of course, some will need to do both. The bottom line is that your doctor will know what to do. So, take your time to find the perfect professional that can help you get the right treatment and start enjoying sex once again.

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