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Engagement rings are much more than just ordinary rings

Engagement rings or betrothal rings are the most commonly purchased ones in New Zealand. Engagement rings in New Zealand are available in many different types that differ in size, colour, stone, and style.

These rings symbolise the love and affection two people share and the promise to stay together forever. Depending upon the person’s requirements, the stone used in engagement rings can be polished or unpolished.

Significance of engagement rings

It is a promise to marry- Engagement rings depict the commitment of two people to each other. It indicates the official wedding announcement. When people see a ring on a woman’s finger, it is assumed that she is taken.

It depicts the man’s commitment to a woman- When a man gives a ring to a woman, it means that he will likely stick around for a very long time. It also shows the willingness of the man in a relationship. In other words, it is a symbol of commitment.

It reduces anxiety- Nowadays, with people not looking for serious relationships, it is difficult to interpret the other person’s intentions. It is a known fact that a woman’s anxiety and stress levels reduce highly when a ring is given to her as a promise.

Lobe language- Engagement rings do only mean a promise to marry. It also means that the person cares about you and has no problem investing time and affection in you. It is a way to show love for the other person.

Types of engagement rings

A solitaire ring is the most common type of ring in New Zealand. It has been famous since the period of king Henry III and never went out of fashion. They are the most traditional yet classy rings. They are the best suitable in a prong setting.

Cluster rings- They are also known as illusion rings. This is because many small stones are arranged to form a large stone. However, the small stones might fall off after some time; this is the only disadvantage of such rings.

Three stone rings- These rings consist of three stones fitted either vertically, horizontally, or in any other setting. The three stones have great significance- they represent a relationship’s past, present, and future. They are also known as the trilogy rings. Some people also believe that they represent “you, me, and us.” These rings are the most romantic choice that one can make.

Minimalistic rings- These are the simplest form of engagement rings in New Zealand. They consist of a single line, stone, or design. They cost way less compared to other calls. They also give a classy appearance to the person wearing them. People who are looking for an aesthetic look can go for this.

Luxurious rings are the most extravagant and expensive of all engagement rings. This is because they have complex designs and precious stones of superior quality embedded in them. They also shine like no other ring. They are the opposite of minimalist rings and are suited for people looking for a luxurious ring.

Famous stones found in New Zealand

The most precious gems found in New Zealand are Quartz, Garnets, and Pounamu. While Quartz is purple in colour, Garnets mostly come in pink, red, or shades. Pounamu, also known as greenstone, is popularly called the New Zealand jade. All of these precious gemstones are found near mountain rocks and rivers. They are found in the west coast regions on the south island, birdlings, and coromandel peninsula. They are costly and are popularly used to make rings in New Zealand.

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