Effective Forms of Advertising for Small Business

What happens when you don’t market your company, product or service?  Nothing!  That’s right, nothing happens.  Your phone doesn’t ring, no one visits your web page, and customers don’t walk through your door, 

Successful businesses are constantly thinking of creative new ways to market.  If you do not attract new customers, your business will fail.  You can have thousands or even millions of happy customers. Businesses lose customers all the time, often through no fault of their own.  Attracting new customers to your business is one of the only guarantees of success.

What are some of the most effective marketing techniques employed by successful small businesses?

Word of Mouth 

Word of mouth has always been and will continue to be your most effective marketing tool.  Take care of your customers.  Your existing customers are your best source of new customers.  

Unhappy customers and bad reviews can ruin your business, so Rule #1 is to take great care of your customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective marketing technique.  Every facet of your business should be involved in collecting customer identities.  Finding creative ways to encourage your customers to voluntarily give you their contact information can produce wonders.  Compiling lists and offering people something to buy, is the very essence of marketing

Sticker Marketing

Stickers are ubiquitous.  You will see large custom stickers on windows and doors, advertising the brand, giving hours of operation and more.  

You can put stickers almost anywhere.  Look around and you see stickers from Apple, Under Armour, Go Pro, and many other large companies.  These stickers were likely placed by users and not the company.  It’s a great way for your happy customers to express their brand approval and loyalty.

Digital Marketing

By now, you know you must have a website.  Is it optimized for search engines to find you?  How often do you update it?  Do you send out newsletters to keep your product or service top of mind?  Do you advertise your product with digital ads?

You need to have an effective digital marketing strategy geared towards attracting new customers and maintaining existing customers.

Influencer Marketing

Many influencers have diligently worked to build up worldwide audiences of followers.  Major corporations rely heavily on these people as spokespeople and brand representatives.  Think of Michael Jordan or Kim Kardashian.

As a small business owner, these celebrities are out of reach.  You can find influencers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms with 10,000 – 100,00 followers that you can partner with for your brand.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is another form of broad advertising.  Most podcasts are geared to a very specific audience.  If your product or service aligns with their needs and values, podcasts are a good way to advertise.  While traditional multimedia may be out of reach, podcasters can provide a more cost-effective method to reach your core audience.

Be sure in all your marketing to adhere to truth in advertising to avoid misleading your customers.  

Honest advertising, done aggressively and constantly is a key to your business’s future success.

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