Coupe vs Hatchback – What’s the Difference?

The automotive world has presented you with vehicles of different models. These diverse models are available under various names due to the differences in their features. Coupe and hatchback are also popular vehicle models for car enthusiasts. But, before buying any of them, you should learn about their features. 

Body design and interior space-

Coupes are highly popular in many European countries. With a sleek and sporty design, a coupe has a closed roof. It has a sloping roofline extending to the back of the vehicle. Moreover, it includes a passenger compartment and a 3-box body for the car’s engine. 

Most coupes have a 2-door design, though it is better to have 4-door models. For instance, Mercedes E-class and C-class coupes have become highly popular in the market.

Hatchbacks are smaller vehicles with a boot door and 4 other doors. 4 passengers can sit comfortably inside a hatchback. Although the boot space is small, you can place 2 bags. However, the hatchback’s size varies with the design you have chosen. If you want to accommodate more passengers, you can invest in the larger model. But, there are also super mini versions in the market. The main differences are in the luggage space and interior size. For instance, the latest Hyundai Grand i10 has more interior space than that of previous models like the i10.

Roofline of coupes and hatchback-

The fixed-roof coupe has a sloping roofline. It has a more aerodynamic roofline sloping towards the back to provide a more stylish appearance. On the contrary, a hatchback comes with a squared-off roofline extending to the rear. The back door has a window opening with the hatch.

Variations of hatchback-

Based on configurations, hatchbacks have multiple versions-

  • 2-door models are smaller and have cabins with front doors.
  • 4-door models have additional rear doors for better accessibility to rear seats.
  • 5 doors- There is a hatch opening along with 4 doors.

Variations of coupe-

Coupe has different variations-

Opera coupe- This is a 2-door vehicle that people would traditionally drive to the opera (with space for top hats!). 

3-door coupe- A 3-door coupe has better practicality.

4-door coupe- The rear part of the car has a coupe-like roofline. However, there is limited headroom for passengers due to the low roof.

Why should you buy a hatchback?

Hatchbacks allow you to load oversized cargo without a hassle. Besides, as there is no rear compartment divider, the interior is quite spacious. Due to the sloped roofline, the car has a performance-oriented look.

Why should you buy a coupe?

Coupe-bodied cars have comfortable and spacious front interiors. As most coupe-bodied vehicles have only 2 doors, the seats of the passengers and driver have more length and width. Coupes show better performance and run at a higher speed.

A clear understanding of these differences between hatchback and coupe will help you make a decision. If you want a family car, you may buy a hatchback. On the contrary, the coupe is suitable for those who do not need much interior space. Visit Australia’s #1 car marketplace to buy a coupe or hatchback today!

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