BNB, KCS Coin Holders Make Money from Crypto Exchange Dividends

There are two major crypto exchanges: KuCoin and KuCoin. They have approximately 12 million global users. Both platforms offer users utility tokens, namely KuCoin Token and KuCoin Coin. Both tokens provide users with a variety of advantages. For instance, customers of KuCoin and KuCoin can receive a discount on their trading costs. Both offer the possibility of accessing hundreds of other altcoins which aren’t usually available for purchase. In addition to trading and buying cryptocurrency, they also provide many other offerings, including cryptocurrency lending, futures markets trading bots, P2P marketplace referral programs, margin trading, and many other things.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin lets you trade from any location. Its top features include: – Compatibility with many devices. You can begin trading in peace and comfort. Simple to use, with an easy interface. 

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin has evolved to become a leading cryptocurrency exchange boasting of catering to every one of four cryptocurrency holders worldwide. KuCoin has built an impressive array of cryptocurrency services, including the fiat onramp, futures and margin trading exchanges, passive income solutions like lending and staking, marketplaces for P2P, an IEO launchpad for crypto crowdfunding, and so on.

Trading Fees

KuCoin costs for trading begin at 0.1%, and you get 25% off if you use the KuCoin token (BNB) for your charges. The fee for trading is just 0.075% which is among the lowest rate in the market. You can purchase crypto using fiat in the market, unlike KuCoin, which can only trade cryptocurrency. If you regularly trade in large quantities and have lots of BNB, you can lower your fees further by utilizing this structured-tiered arrangement.

KuCoin’s trading charges also begin at 0.1%, and similarly to KuCoin, you will be able to receive a meagre fee for trading when you pay with the KuCoin token (KCS). The discount, however, can be as high as 20%, meaning you can lower the fee to 0.08% per transaction. If you’re a massive volume trader or


KuCoin stores the majority of the digital content they manage in cold storage. They offer valuable information to their customers about ways to improve security, including activating 2FA (two-factor authentication) and allowing devices, working withdrawal addresses and anti-phishing codes, and U2F (universal 2nd-factor authentication) that needs physical access hardware to connect to your bank account.

KuCoin utilizes various layers of security to ensure their clients have their funds secure concerning micro-withdrawal accounts that use industry-standard multilayer encryption and the dynamic authentication of multiple factors. They also have internal risk control departments that monitor each transaction every day.

Currencies on offer

KuCoin can support more than 400 digital assets as well as sixteen fiat currencies right through the platform. There are an additional 60 currencies available through third-party integrations like Sofort, SEPA, Advcash, Etana, Visa/Mastercard, PayID/Osko, Bank transfers, Mobile Money, Yandex Money, Payeer, GEO Pay, P2P, and many more.

KuCoin is an international exchange because they support fiat for over 50 currencies and a staggering number of digital assets exceeding 650. Because of this, people from far-flung locations often prefer KuCoin because they can avoid the sour conversion rates and do not have to convert their currency to one supported.

User Interface

Two kinds of user interfaces are available for KuCoin basic and advanced. In the base version of the UI, you can view the trading of currency pairs graphs and charts of trading history, as well as an order book.

The advanced version also has open orders, currency pairs trading history, and open orders. However, the advanced version provides a more in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of crypto assets’ value in the past.

Once you’ve selected one of the currencies you want to trade with KuCoin, After you have selected a currency pair, the trading screen appears. In the trading screen, you can view the standard candles, order book, and trading history, and then trade or buy the chosen currencies. When you first access this screen, you’ll be asked to enter a Google Authenticator code before being permitted to sell. We strongly recommend using this layer of security to provide an additional layer of protection.

Closing Up

The crypto market is full of diverse assets. One of the most beneficial options to invest in are exchange-tokens. Their real-world value and leadership are generally the most reliable and stable investments. They also provide the power to various protocols in the exchanges.

With crypto tokens, holders can take advantage of fluctuating prices as they trade on various platforms. They can also enjoy numerous benefits, including voting rights, discounts on fees, and airdrops. It is crucial to remember that these are among the most well-known platforms and will likely grow in the future.

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