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Bittorrent web | Bittorrent pro apk | Using a Torrent Client to Download Movies

You can find tons of games and other files on torrent sites, but how do you download them? The best way to find new games is to use a torrent client. Torrents are small files that hold information about what users are sharing. Using a torrent client, you can find other users who share a certain file with you. Using torrent clients to download movies is easy and free. Read on to learn about the best torrent clients available on the market.

BitTorrent is the most famous torrent client and is the oldest torrenting website. Founded in 2007, BitTorrent has survived legal challenges and has a huge database of over 16 million torrent files. The site was banned in at least 28 countries, but it’s re-launched today. A good amount of people trust BitTorrent and you’ll be able to find the movies you’re looking for without any issues.

BitTorrent has an appealing interface and direct links to content categories. The site shows the date of uploading, file size, health, and other important details about torrent files. It has a database of more than 16 million torrents. The site was established in 2007 and keeps a low profile. This helps it evade most bans. Unlike many other torrent websites, it doesn’t offer any software, but it does have an extensive library of torrent files.

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