BBQs 2U – A Perfect Place to Find Gozney Pizza Ovens and Accessories

BBQs 2U started their family business with the simple goal of educating people about the concept of outdoor cooking.

They are extremely passionate about barbecues and love spreading their knowledge among their community in London.

With years, the BBQs 2U family has gathered enough knowledge about backyard cooking, as well as different barbecues and pro tools.

Today, three generations of the same family are in the business. Even though they are in the market for over 20 years, they have only affiliated themselves with a handful of barbecue brands.

In the BBQs 2U showroom, you can find barbecues, grills, and ovens of only the most reputed and genuine brands like – esteemed Kamado Joe, superior Masterbuilt, renowned Napolean, reputed Blackstone Griddles, masters Ooni pizza oven, and Gozney Pizza Ovens.

A Perfect Place to Find Gozney Pizza Ovens

If you are a pizza fan, and love hosting big parties, Gozney Dome Bone can completely change the way you eat and serve pizzas.

This is the most revolutionary oven and every user who has bought it home has simply fallen in love with it.

The founder and CEO of Gozney, Tom Gozney, started building ovens in his backyard, and with time was able to create the most amazing restaurant-grade pizza ovens.

The company initially manufactured pizza ovens for restaurants, but in 2016 they introduced their first domestic oven – The Roccbox. Later in 2021 – The Dome was launched.

This oven is simply a masterpiece and the flavors it helps in adding to your food are just unbeatable. Besides, it is not just pizzas that you can make with this magnificent outdoor cooking appliance.

You can roast, bake, smoke, smear, and do pretty much everything with it.

Some intriguing features of the Dome Pizza Oven

Multi-fuel cooking: Woodfire cooking is best when it comes to adding taste to pizzas. However, to help the customers cook with ease, the dome is designed to work with gas as well as wood fire.

You can switch the fuel type just by turning a nob:

1. Built-in Thermometer

Precise temperature readings allow you to cook your steak at the perfect temperature.

2. Excellent heat retention

Gozney Dome Pizza Oven – Bone has a 30mm double-layered stone floor and the dense insulation of the oven ensures it will reach high temperature faster and stay hotter for longer.

3. Inventive air ventilation

Continuous air flow under wood fire ensures controlled heat output from beginning to end.

4. Steam injector

This unique accessory ensures there is enough moisture within the oven to bake bread to perfection. Moisture guarantees longer rising dough as well as a crispier crust.

5. GozneyShield™

Dome can be used outdoors around the year. The exterior of the oven has a ceramic-bonded outer coating. It is extra durable, water-resistant, and UV-stable.

All in all, Gozney pizza ovens can prove to be a worthy addition to any home. It is worth your money for sure, and to see it in person, simply visit the BBQs 2U store in Abersoch.

You can even follow BBQs 2U on Facebook. They regularly post informative videos and content explaining how different grills, barbecues, and ovens work.

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