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Advantages of Sunflower Oil Extracting Machines 

Sunflower is not only a direct domestic crop since it goes beyond that. If you are a small-scale businessperson in sunflower oil extraction or have been looking forward to being one, this is the article for you. It highlights and describes important features of effective automatic sunflower oil extraction machines.

Even in this era of technological advancements, people still do fear the efficiency of automation due to alterations in the quality of natural products. This cannot be the case for automated sunflower oil extraction since machines produce pure quality oil. There are more advantages of using this device as discussed in the following part.

Ease of operation 

For the automatic oil press machine, the user learns and understands how to use it easily. One does not require any special skills to operate this type, thus, needs minimal time to learn its operation. Its small size also makes it convenient to operate with less effort. A fast and easy operation makes it possible to process much oil in a single day.

Fewer expenses

The user uses minimal additional expenses with less electricity consumption. Despite people viewing automatic sunflower oil extraction machine price in Kenya as high, the cost is still effective to the buyer. This is because the high cost only happens when buying and afterward, the cost of maintenance and use becomes very minimal.

Good oil quality

A highly competitive market demands quality products in large quantities to satisfy the needs. Even though manual operations produce quality oil too, they are limited to producing less amount of oil at a time. Automated processes, therefore, fill this gap by producing abundant and quality oil within the shortest time to meet the high demand.

High commercial value

Apart from being useful for domestic purposes, some people process oil for commercial purposes. This is the right machine for such a business considering the quality and quality of oil it produces. It can pay back the cost used in purchasing within the shortest time possible, besides being a reliable source of income for the owner.

Small and light

The trend in development follows that the more developed and latest products reduce in size yet increase in quality. This is the same for the oil extracting machines. These automated machines are very quality and small in size. Either, they are light in weight. It is therefore convenient to transport the machine if the cost of carrying the sunflower seeds seems higher.

Adopts automatic control

Just as it is called, the automated machine incorporates automatic preheating control and control of pressure. This means that it automatically detects a change in heat to control it before overheating. In the same way, it is sensitive to changes in pressure. This feature ensures that the parts of the machine remain in their good working conditions even under severe circumstances.


The cost of automatic oil extraction machines was initially higher but reduced with the increase in more developed ones. The latest ones still take the lead in the cost but are convenient to their many advantages over the other types. You should consider all these advantages when acquiring one for use.

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