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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Swimwear for the Summer

Buying the right swimwear is a vital wardrobe decision when one wants to enjoy the sandy beaches and hot summers of Australia. And women can go for the bikini types like the one-piece suits or the more casual types like the Sarong. Meanwhile, with hundreds of designs and styles in the country, it is not often easy to choose the right one. And if you want your next swimwear shopping to be a seamless one, read this guide that highlights the important things to consider when rummaging the swimwear stores in Australia. Meanwhile, although the women’s swimwear market was briefly affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are back with full force, giving the women of Australia an endless list of choices available for them to choose from.

1. Customisable Features

There is no one size fits all option, and most standard sizes aren’t precisely the right fit for most women. So, to make the process a tad easier, go for swimsuits that adapt to any need. Things like adjustable shoulder straps, removable cups and those with drawstrings are some of the features that buyers need to look into.

2. Try It on First

What might look breathtaking in a model’s pic or on a mannequin may not necessarily be suitable for the wearer. So, the best way to gauge this is to try it on first before buying. Take the swimwear, go into a fitting room and check it out. Take a good look and see whether the fit is correct and provides ample space for movement and breathability. And as a rule of thumb, take accurate measurements of the waist, hips and bust and use them to select the right fit. Meanwhile, the vital thing to consider here is that the swimwear should not only be a perfect fit, but it should also elegantly compliment your body.

3. Trying on a Size Up

Swimwear must hug the body closely and should not be too tight or even too loose. Both can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for the wearer. So, always try two sizes when trying on swimwear, one perfect size and a size that is a tad larger. Also, it is always better to buy a size down than stick with a swimsuit that doesn’t flaunt the body.

4. The Type of Swimwear

Choosing the right swimwear for the occasion is essential. For instance, string bikinis are perfect for tanning and sunbathing, but they wouldn’t be appropriate for pool parties and similar occasions. Then there’s the full-price swimsuit with thick straps and long sleeves, perfect for walking on the beach or enjoying all types of watersports.

5. Quality of the Swimwear

Another important factor to consider when buying swimwear will always be the quality. There is no point in paying a lower price for low-quality swimwear that will just come apart after a few months. Cheaper fabrics are also prone to discolouration and will undergo wear and tear with use. At least swimwear like the Sarong made from high-quality materials can be expected to last longer and is well worth the price.

6. Other Things to Look Into

The UPF factor is an essential element of every swimwear; the higher it is, the better it will protect the body against the sun. So, go for swimwear having UPF higher than 50.

7. Design

Then there are the embellishments like sequins and beads. Although they aren’t necessary, they make swimwear look very attractive. But the embellishments are bound to come off with every use and will never last as long. So go for swimwear that has double-row zigzag stitches, as it is indicative of high quality.

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