5 Ways Spa Scheduling Software Help Your Business Grow

Managing the day to day operations of a beauty spa is much different than setting up a spa. The process invariably throws up a never ending list of to-do things. However, did you know that it doesn’t have to be so? With some planning, and harnessing the power of technology colloquially known as a spa scheduling software, you can make the task of managing a spa as tranquil and smooth as the ambience of your spa. Infact with the right set of features, a spa scheduling software can help you improve your business efficiency, enhance productivity, boost revenue, and deliver excellent customer experience. In this blog we explain how you can achieve the above mentioned benefits, and how these result in boosting your business.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

The first benefit of deploying a spa scheduling software is that it automates all your mundane and repetitive processes. From responding to client inquiries, and accepting bookings to raising invoices and processing payments the software accomplishes all tasks, accurately and swiftly. The combined effect of deploying automation is that the system eliminates the need to actively conduct tasks such as keeping track of rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment, sending reminders, inventory reconciliation, and maintaining stock register. As a result, you and your team get freed up from the host of administrative tasks to focus on client engagement, business strategy and marketing.

Improved Customer Engagement & Retention

Amongst the key benefits of deploying a spa scheduling software is the vast improvement that your clients will experience in terms of communication and engagement. In other words, automation helps you deliver truly minimal contact service experience. The software makes it very easy for clients to engage with your business. The spa scheduling software from Zenoti comes with a host of features which benefit both the clients and the business. Its state of art feature Zenoti Webstore, offers guests a single sign on experience to conduct all types of transactions such as book new service appointments in just 4 clicks, review old purchase history, one tap invoice settlement, redeem loyalty rewards, purchase giftcards and products, and provide feedback for services. Moreover, the software also enables them to share their unique referral code with friends & family, that if availed results in one-time promotional benefit for the existing client and once for every new client. Good spa scheduling software will also improve communication using personal information of clients such as birthday and anniversaries and send both automated greetings and personalized client special day offers.

Gain Insights from Data Analytics

Data analytics is a great tool. The process involves studying the business data to better understand the market demand and dynamics to maximize the yield per client and improve hourly income. By comprehending the demand of services during the day and the week, adjusting for seasonality changes, a spa scheduling software can help you create appointments calendar based in sync with the demand. It can help you push the high revenue services during the peak hours of the day and low revenue services during the non-peak hours. Consequently, you’ll see improved revenue per hour and also ensure minimal idle time. Further, the system can also allow you to come up with low priced promotional offers for off-peak hours resulting in improved profitability and better equipment utilization.

Enables Scaling of Operations

In today’s time and age, when the spa industry is already experiencing stiff competition, scaling up the business without leveraging technology is an outright bad idea.  Not only would the process be time consuming but also significantly delay the revenue of the new store On the other hand, if you are already managing your day to day activity with a cloud based spa scheduling software in your present set up, all you have to do is create a clone of the existing set up, including the copying of client and provider master data and you’re ready to welcome clients from day one. Further, by integrating store operations through a common software, you can also achieve economies of scale with better inventory management and resource deployment.

Employee Productivity

It is a known fact that for any business in the service industry to flourish it has to have its staff both happy and satisfied, and a spa scheduling software helps you in achieving that balance. By simplifying the day to day tasks of your staff, the software eliminates the pain of administrative work. Further, by automatically sharing client profile, and providing them with insights on client preferences, the software empowers your staff in the process meeting the client expectations, and in upselling of both products and services, respectively. Aside this the software helps you to plan schedule, prepare shift rosters on the basis of bookings such that neither does the staff have idle openings in their calendar  nor do you have to incur wage expenses for a revenue free slot. Moreover, the software automatically tracks work times, monitor individual and team performance, compute error free payroll and income via tips and commissions, thus removing any possibility of friction.

Some of the popular spa scheduling software such as Zenoti, AestheticsPro, BePos, MindBody etc. provide a one stop solution to meet all automation needs. Zenoti’s spa software is a cloud based solution, which can work on any device such as desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile. All it needs is a functional internet connection. With its customizable interface, easy learning curve, modular architecture and robust reporting and analytics feature it is designed to meet the growing needs of your business.

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