5 Versatile Men’s Wedding Bands Styles Specially Made for the Outdoorsman

Does your man like to lead an outdoor life filled with lots of fun and adventure? Or are you a man who loves nature? There is peace and satisfaction that some men find exploring things in the wild. If you love an outdoorsman, you must keep his personality in mind when purchasing a wedding band for him.

There are several options in mens wedding bands for each person with different personalities. Men who like to be there in the wind need something that is stable, durable and does not require too much maintenance.

Outdoorsmen face several challenges and therefore do not necessarily like to wear accessories of any sort. It can be very challenging to fit a perfect wedding ring for an adventurous man. But don’t you worry. This guide right here is to help you understand the various factors and how to choose a suitable ring for your man.

Is Your Partner an outdoorsman?

If you love a man that likes to hunt, hike, swim, or go fishing, you know he is an outdoor person. You can’t expect such a man to stay indoors and do a 9 to 5 job every day. But what you can expect your man to do is to wear his wedding band wherever he is or whoever is with him.

This is the symbol of your love, and no matter how badly they want to get rid of it while going on an adventure, they don’t have a choice. A wedding band is forever, it puts out a message of belongingness and love for each other.

So, from a man’s perspective, he would probably need a ring that fits his personality and lifestyle. A delicate ring that can easily get damaged is out of the question. Neither does a big and broad wedding band make sense. So, what will work for your outdoorsman? There are some questions that you must ask yourself before purchasing a wedding band for your better half.

  1. What color band will look best on your man’s hand?
  2. What should be the ideal width of the band?
  3. Which metal will your groom like?
  4. Do you have a personal preference for what your groom should wear?
  5. Does your groom prefer a traditional or modern ring design?
  6. How much are you willing to spend?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can start shortlisting the rings for your groom. Choosing an outdoorsman ring is very challenging, but to ease it out, this guide covers some extraordinary styles that most outdoorsmen prefer. Scroll down to learn more.

Explore The Top 5 Versatile Outdoorsman Wedding Bands Styles

Hammered Tungsten Wedding Band

The hammered tungsten wedding band is a popular choice for people who want a rough and tough wedding band. It is made from hammered and brushed black tungsten. It is a rare and premium quality steel-gray metal that is known for its durability. It is a sturdy metal that is found on earth and has great value. Because it is rare, it comes with a high price tag. The width of a hammered tungsten wedding band is between 6mm to 8mm. It does give a bold impression and draws attention.

Tantalum Gunmetal Scratch Finish Band

The tantalum gunmetal scratch finish band is a win-win for outdoorsmen. The texture of these wedding bands gives an illusion of black ice. The fine scratches add an element of rough and tough design that perfectly fits with the personality of a rough and tough man. The tantalum ring adds more visual depth to the rings, while the ice-like scratches add a fun texture. You can get a tantalum gunmetal scratch finish band in different sizes and band width. A 6mm to 8mm band width will look great on your man’s hands.

Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Band With Deer Antler

The hammered black tungsten wedding band with deer antler is an ideal choice for men who like adventures and wild challenges. The wedding band is a blend of organic deer antlers with a rare black tungsten metal. It almost gives a blue hue impression, making it unique from other traditional wedding bands available in the market. The Deer antler signifies strength and endurance, which goes well with the well-crafted tungsten metal. Right from the day of your wedding, this wedding band will stand out and create a mark on whoever sees it. Such a wedding ring complements the outdoorsman you love and his love for nature and the wild.

Polished Tungsten Wedding Band With Pear Wood

A ring that brings different elements from nature is the Polished Tungsten wedding band with Pear Wood. This unique piece of jewelry is for a man who wants to stand out from everyone else. Its marvelous design and unique elements like water, earth and metal make it one of a kind. The tungsten metal is known for its radiant shine, and when combined with wood and shell, it looks out of this world.

The strong Pear wood can be engraved with your relationship philosophy without getting damaged. It is certainly a unique combination of flexible and sturdy material that every groom might desire. So, if you can afford this rare piece of wedding jewelry, your man will definitely love it.

Tantalum Matte Gunmetal and Rose Inside the Band

In case you want to get a tantalum matter ring, you get a variety of options. The first one is the tantalum matter gunmetal and rose inside the band, which is recognized for its simplicity. A man who loves nature and wants a delicate and easy wedding band, then this can be your go-to option.

You can also find a two-tone tantalum ring which is also a good choice for outdoorsmen. It is less expensive in comparison to the other options mentioned in the article but is definitely worth investing in when picking a wedding band.

With so many options available in the market, it is going to be challenging for you to choose the perfect wedding ring for you. But it is the most satisfying feeling if you choose your man’s wedding band and he loves it. So, if you’ve read this article and have registered all the mentioned details, you have a decent idea of what an outdoorsman would probably appreciate.

Start searching for stores online with a decent range of wedding bands for outdoorsmen and shortlist a few designs that you like. You can then visit a physical store to physically see the ring before purchasing it. If you found this article helpful, share it with every bride and groom to make their wedding ring purchase easy and less time-consuming.

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