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5 Tips to follow for clearing a competitive exam

With the increasing competition among aspiring students to clear competitive exams, it is essential to identify the right strategy. Smart working can help students understand concepts better, allowing them to save time and energy. It is a crucial factor in succeeding in competitive exams.

It involves more than having the correct answer and the right approach to tackle the problems. For instance, if you are studying for the SBI PO exam, creating a solid plan, analysing the SBI PO previous year question papers, regularly revising, taking necessary help, etc.

Further, you can find the techniques in detail in this post to help you work more efficiently and ace competitive exams.

Create a timetable

It would help if you had a clear plan and direction to succeed in your bank test preparation. You must be sure that you are aware of the topics you must cover, when you must do it, and how much time you have for each topic.

A clear understanding of what has to be done, when, and in what order will help you properly plan for success. You may keep track of your progress and ensure you’re on schedule to finish your bank exam preparation within the time window you’ve given yourself.

Work on the basics

Working on a subject’s foundational concepts is crucial to passing a test. The fundamentals set the stage for a solid foundation to which more complex topics can be easily added. The more challenging ideas in a subject are considerably more difficult to comprehend without a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

You may find memorising and recollecting knowledge for their tests simpler if you solidly comprehend the foundations. Even after putting in a lot of effort and attention, you need to focus on the fundamentals to pass the exam.

Practising previous year question papers

Practising on mock tests is the best way to prepare for any bank exam. It aids in better time management, identifying areas that need more attention, and becoming accustomed to the exam style.

Additionally, completing practice exams can assist in learning how to approach questions and get a sense of the questions that will be asked throughout the exam. Furthermore, trying to practise exams regularly and consistently can boost confidence and help you perform well on test day.

For instance, if you are an aspirant preparing for the SBI PO exam, practising a decade of SBI PO previous year question papers can be very helpful.

Scheduling regular revisions

Making and following a revision plan is one of the preparation’s most crucial components. It is especially true when preparing for topics like SARFAESI, financial literacy, and risk management that need a more thorough understanding.

Regular revisions help you become more familiar with critical ideas and theories and improve your chances of passing the exam with a good grade. Additionally, reviewing the content regularly might assist in locating and addressing any knowledge gaps.

Ask for help

Asking for help is an integral part of any endeavour, and this is especially true for exams. Getting the support and direction of experts will help guarantee success in any difficulty.

For instance, talking to others who have gone through the procedure before might offer priceless insight into the format and subject matter of the exam. This knowledge can enhance your confidence, which can help you concentrate on learning the content and guarantee a positive test-taking experience.


These are the tips to follow for clearing a competitive exam. Make sure you utilise all the tips mentioned above if you are serious about clearing the exam. Preparing for a competitive exam can seem daunting, especially if you are new to the process. However, you can tackle any exam head-on by knowing the tips.

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