5 Healthy Dietary Changes to Boost Your Adrenal Gland Function

So, you’re a mom with lots of things on your plate on a daily basis.

A super-busy society can make anyone feel tired and overwhelmed with all their responsibilities at home as well as work every day stressors like long hours or illness in the family that has caused them some level of concern but not sure if it is really something they need to worry about? If this sounds familiar then I encourage checking out my book “The Everything Guide to Adrenal Fatigue” for more information on how best take care your health by making small changes which will lead towards greater results.

1) Do not skip breakfast

Eating breakfast is the best way to keep blood sugar stable and avoid fatigue. The right food at this time of day will also make you feel fuller for longer, which can help with weight loss goals! If possible, try incorporating some protein into your morning routine – studies have shown that it helps regulate cortisol levels as well as maintain an appropriate level of energy throughout our days without sacrificing taste or satisfaction (which means less snacking). Eating early may reduce hunger cravings later down the line, preventing us from overeating or making poor choices when we’re tired and our willpower is low.

2) Look for good quality salt

The importance of salt cannot be overstated. As a main function for one’s body, the adrenal glands are responsible with regulating minerals throughout your system and keeping you healthy by doing so! Those who crave excessive amounts may need to have their function assessed; this could mean they’re feeling overwhelmed from all that excess energy stems from an exhausted adrenal gland.

What’s a great way to make sure our salt intake doesn’t go overboard? Include more seaweeds into everyday life (like kelp), alongside some omega 3 fatty acids found naturally occurring within fish oil capsules or even better yet – incorporate these ingredients as part of your omelette in the morning!

3) Eat small, frequent meals

The most important thing to do when you’re feeling tired is eat! It’s imperative that your body has enough fuel, and eating will provide this. You should opt for healthy snacks such as apples dipped in raw almonds or hummus with veggie sticks so make sure they are an option every 3 hours instead of caffeine-filled foods like Monster Energy drinks which can actually dehydrate us more than we realize because it contains high amounts sugar (which causes fatigue).

4) Pick high quality fats

Some of the most important nutrients for our health come from good fats. Great options include avocado, butter/ghee (or coconut oil), wild caught fish or meats like elk that have been raised on pastures instead animal feed plans so they’re nutrient rich but low in carbohydrates. You can also get choline required by eating eggs since it provides us B12, selenium, and other vitamins essential daily life – just be sure to cook them well done so there’s no risk of salmonella poisoning.

5) Get up and exercise

It is well known that exercise improves mental clarity and physical fitness. It can help reduce fatigue, improve sleep patterns for a better mood boost in addition to keeping your heart healthy! The benefits don’t stop there though; when you’re feeling good about yourself it makes all aspects of life more enjoyable. 

So, what are some ways we could get our sweat on at home without having too much trouble finding time during these hectic days? Here’s one idea–join an online fitness program to get customized workouts that fit your schedule, or better yet – take a brisk walk in nature and appreciate all the beauty around us!

6) Sleep More and Better

 It isn’t just about the quantity of sleep but also the quality. If you are waking up tired after what you thought was an 8 hour sleep than there is probably something else going on. When was the last time you replace your mattress? It could be worth an investment, find out which IKEA mattresses are comfy in this guide.

Bonus tip: Cut back on sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Do you have fatigue or are experiencing symptoms from an imbalanced adrenal gland system? Caffeine and alcohol can be hazardous to your health when taken in excess. In addition, these things will only make things worse for people with weak constitutions who need extra support on top of the nutrients they already receive through food sources such as whole honey mixed into coffee sparingly every day instead if being used daily – this should suffice until their bodies adjust back out again without any additional stressors thrown at them!

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