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11 Stylish crop tops for  2022 reviewed  by Allylikes 

With the trendy crop tops, every girl has their heart set on them, and these tops are now a must-have for the summer wardrobe. Let us help you get over your fear of wearing crop tops. Most women find them attractive on their bodies. They’re chic, trendy, and fun. Sizes and shapes are available. It doesn’t need to be said that crop tops are versatile because on this page you’ll discover different types that suit your personal style. 

Allylikes Suggested 11 womens crop tops for 2022

Leather Crop Top

You will feel the essence of leather in this grunge top. As you wear the red-hot crop top to an evening party, it’s sure to turn heads. You can find the latest Leather crop tops in Allylikes.

Lace Crop Top

With its see-through lace crop top, the fabric and style combine to make it look truly gorgeous. Your inner self will no longer be shy when you wear it and will bring admiration to everyone who sees it.

Ruffle Sleeve Crop Top

Own the black crop top with ruffle sleeves and be the snazzy girl you’ve always wanted to be. A stylish design, the sleeves have ruffles stitched on to give the look a sharp edge.

Off Shoulder Crop Top

A fall from the shoulders is seen on off-shoulder styles. A great way to wear the ravishing range as a casual outfit is to pair it up with the matching outfit.

Henley Crop Top

Knitted Henley crop tops usually have short lengths and are usually made from knitted fabric. Wear it with leather shorts and you will look great in it during the warm weather.

Knit Crop Top

In addition to being stylish, this knit crop top is made with a comfortable knit fabric that keeps you warm during cold weather. When you pair it with white pants and sneakers, the stretchy fabric allows you to stay on top of the fashion game.

Tie Crop Top

Tie crop tops typically have knots at the back or the sleeves that need to be tied. Styles such as this one make a bohemian statement in style and are a perfect choice to convey boho vibes.

Lace-Up Crop Top

With the rich, classy fabric added to it, the lace gives it a sassy touch making it even more seductive. Pair the top with high-waisted pants and a pair of wedges to add more glam to the look.

Mock Neck Crop Top

Winter is the perfect time to wear flattering mock neck crop tops with sleek silhouettes that lengthen your neck. In addition to offering style, cocktail-ready attire also serves as an appropriate makeover for all.

Metallic Crop Top

Get ready for the night when you wear this metallic crop top featuring bling style. For a night out with your partner, club it with leather pants. 

Caged Crop Top

If worn with a mini skirt, the caged crop top will make you the hottest girl in the club. In addition to the ribbed style on top, the cage look adds a unique element. These types of  crop top are available in Allylikes.

Allylikes is the best place to get the latest crop top idea.

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