Why You Should Choose a Custom Night Guard Instead of an Over-the-Counter Guard

If you find that you’re grinding your teeth at night, the best way to prevent damage to your teeth or jaw is to wear a night guard. Night guards come in various styles, materials, and price points. You can purchase them from the pharmacy, your dentist, or online.

You’ll find the cheapest over-the-counter guards in your pharmacy’s dental aisle near the toothpaste. Although they work well in a pinch, over-the-counter guards do not fit to the size of your jaw and do not mold as well to your teeth. They might shift around your mouth at night as you grind your teeth, causing further discomfort. Instead, you should consider purchasing a dental guard online, to receive a custom night guard at a fraction of the cost of going to the dentist.

Purchase a Custom Dental Guard without Leaving the House

The one possible advantage of an over-the-counter guard is the convenience, but with internet access, custom night guards are even more convenient to order. You can purchase a custom dental guard online in just a few clicks and have an impression kit sent straight to your home. You’ll take an impression of your teeth with trays and putty and send it back to the company in a pre-paid envelope.

Custom Night Guards are a Perfect Fit

By taking an impression of your teeth, just like the dentist would take in the office, you’ll be guaranteed that your custom guard is a perfect fit. It will snap onto your teeth and stay put comfortably for the whole night. You won’t have to worry about whether the arch of the tray fits the size of your mouth like you would with an over-the-counter guard.

Custom Guards are a Great Investment in Your Dental Care

Custom dental guards cost a bit more than the over-the-counter guards, but they last a lot longer. Particularly if you buy the guard in a thicker or harder material, they can last for years. Although over-the-counter guards might seem affordable in the short term, you’ll be running back to the pharmacy when they warp or break.

Custom Guards Come in a Variety of Materials and Options

Custom guards come in a variety of thicknesses and materials, and you can purchase them for your upper or lower jaw or both. The ability to customize the material and color leaves you in control of how you’d like your guard to look. The default option is a clear guard that will be nearly invisible in your mouth.Touch here:  thiruttumovies 2019

Custom Dental Guards are the Preferred Option

Custom dental guards will give you the quality sleep that you have been missing from grinding your teeth. They will look and feel great, come with the exact specifications you ordered, and you won’t even remember they’re in your mouth. Over-the-counter guards attempt to be one-size-fits-all and tend to create new problems with slipping and discomfort. Instead of heading out the door to the pharmacy or dentist, utilize the convenience of the internet and order a custom dental guard now.

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