Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan Lithium golf cart batteries have the capacity to last up to 15 times longer than a standard lead-acid battery. Designed in the USA, the T-125 boasts a depth-cycle design with thick lead plates that prevent peak current from damaging the battery. Its deep-cycle design and high-capacity cells provide a powerful power source for the vehicle. The T-125 has all of the benefits of lead-acid batteries, but with more safety features and a lower life cycle cost.

In terms of capacity, the T-105 is the best choice. It is available in two different sizes: a single-cell T-105 and a double-cell T-125. Both have a capacity of 4 Ah. While the T-105 has the longest lifespan, the T-125 has lower cycle counts and won’t last as long. Both are great options for long-distance travel. They are a great choice for golf carts.

Final Opinion

The T-105 is the best option. If you need a deep-cycle battery, consider the T-125, as it won’t have the same number of cycles but will last longer. The T-105 won’t have the same power capacity as the T-125, but it will last for longer when charged, and it will last a lot longer. These batteries are great for golf carts that travel long distances.

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