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Top ranking of the best and cheapest 50cc Moped  in 2022

When choosing a 50cc moped, one of the basic criteria for a potential owner is the maximum speed. Many people need to quickly get to their destination, so the selection of equipment according to the dynamics of acceleration and the maximum speed of movement is important. Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a 50cc moped, the engine of which has a volume of 50 cubic centimeters.

Criterias of choice

Selection criteria are determined by the preferences of the buyer. He himself needs to make his choice according to three parameters from the list:

  1. Appointment.
  2. driving style.
  3. Purchase and maintenance budget.

It should also be noted that the scooter cannot be considered only a youth machine. It is preferred by people of all ages and wealth.


A distinctive feature of all models: small wheel radius and low ground clearance. This limits its use to city streets. Or paved roads. Traveling to work or school, shopping – almost any brand is suitable for this. To visit the cottage on country roads, it is better to choose a scooter. She has a larger wheel radius.

The economy of this transport makes it popular not only in the city. In the countryside, people often want to buy it for trips over the same short distances.

Driving style

Even with the 50cc engine, it’s a quiet style car. Small wheels do not allow you to quickly pick up speed. However, even here there are some nuances. Two-stroke engines are slightly more powerful than four-stroke ones. In addition, they are more convenient for tuning. They are less whimsical and will work longer before repair. Four-stroke engines are noisier and more difficult to handle and maintain.

For a more aggressive driving style, pay attention to the braking system. Experts advise having disc brakes on the rear or both wheels. Installed only on the front, they make driving much more difficult. Especially for beginners. A telescopic front fork will also come in handy. It significantly hides the bumps in the road.


The purchase price directly depends on the brand, year of manufacture and condition of the scooter. Chinese manufacturers produce cheap, but lower quality products. However, the opinion of experts converges: with proper care, their equipment can last a long time. In addition, parts for their repair cost less.

During operation, four-stroke consumes about 2.5 liters per 100 km. With economical driving and proper condition, it is possible to keep within 1.6-2 liters. Two-strokes have more consumption. bestnewshunt Up to 5 liters. But some manufacturers produce engines with a flow rate of 3-4 liters.

A large battery will allow you to charge the battery less often. This means that the condition of the terminals will last longer. Protecting the carburetor from moisture will prolong its trouble-free operation.

Consumables and spare parts

Here we mainly pay attention to consumable inventory and larger spare parts. The choice of scooter consumables is not suitable only for reasons of economy. Spare parts and consumables must be very reliable. Many owners immediately after the purchase change some parts or components of their moped. We list commonly used consumables for scooters:

front and side fairings;


egnition lock;

stop signal;

turn signals;

filter element;


and others.

Scooter parts are chosen very carefully. They do not avoid analogues of spare parts, but for greater reliability, as a rule, preference is given to the original. Moped parts are classified according to the main features:


variable speed drive;

air filter;



brake system;




and others.

The best 50cc Moped

The Chinese and Japanese brands are known all over the world. Traditional quality and extraordinary technical solutions distinguish the technique of this country. Buying a moped from Alibaba you can be sure of its durability and reliability. But such fame allows manufacturers to keep a high price for their goods. Each consumer has the right to decide how much he can pay for the purchase.

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