Malabar Cubensis: An Ancient Food Made for the Gods

Malabar cubensis has a deeply rooted history or relationship with the ancient Indian spiritual story. It has a potent effect giving it a powerful enough result to experience a “high” that most users describe as spiritual or shamanic.

These mushrooms provide a spiritual journey with oneself to discover what the average human eye cannot perceive.

You can connect with your true self and get rid of the hindrances (ego) in the process of discovery.

Malabar Magic Mushroom Origin

Malabar Psilocybe cubensis is originally from the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, so most associate it with a particular history in India.

In 1500 BC, the ancient spiritual texts (Vedas) stated that there was a substance known as Soma. Soma is said to be the food of the gods, giving them immortality and immensely great

hallucination. Although it wasn’t stated what the substance was, historians today like to associate Soma with magic mushrooms.

“We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light the Gods discovered.”

Since the mushroom is from Malabar, a coast in India, they believe it can be related to that ancient story.

In addition, Soma gives fantastic hallucinations, while Psilocybe cubensis of Malabar does have the same effect.

Characteristics of Malabar Mushroom

Malabar cubensis is one of the strains with enormous size. The stem is thick and fleshy, while the caps appear relatively small.

It has a web-like veil (which covers the bottom of the cap) and disappears once the mushroom is dry. Furthermore, the mushrooms will have bruises or blue when pressure is applied, which is normal.

What Happens When You Ingest Malabar Cubensis

This Psilocybe cubensis of Malabar produces an incredible effect. Most users describe it as having a vibrant vision with a pure sense of euphoria.

The effects can vary depending on the dose the individual uses. The higher the amount, the closer the user gets to spiritual enlightenment. But for Malabar cubensis, you require only a few

increases in the dosage since the shroom is highly potent.

You can take Malabar shrooms in microdose, recreational, or spiritual ways.


When taken in a dose not high, the Malabar mushroom can cause a relaxed and giggly effect. It’s the amount that’s fun to take when you want to enjoy time with friends.

If you want to get this effect, measure your mushrooms appropriately to the dose you’ll need. Find a safe and secure place, and make it cozy by adding some music. Adding music can set the mood and help prevent some bad trips or eliminate negative experiences.


Malabar mushrooms are great for leading you on a spiritual journey into your consciousness. It’s often one of the strains that give a mystical experience.

Reaching a spiritual experience means taking high doses of the mushroom. High doses require preparation and experience. Since it’s a high dose, you need to keep things accordingly to achieve a better experience.

The set and setting are crucial in establishing the result of the experience. An environment that’s comfortable and less stressful is an ideal place. In addition, finding a trip sitter is essential to help you if it doesn’t go well.

Next, set your mind by setting some goals. Don’t overthink what might happen, but let the mushroom take its effect and go with it.

When you follow these simple steps, you can make sure to prevent getting a bad trip during your experience.


Knowing your dosage is crucial. It helps you determine what amount you’ll need for recreational and spiritual effects. If you need assistance on how to dose right, make sure to check out ZoomiesCanada. Dose with Zoomies for a safe and consistent psilocybin experience. Zoomies make it easy by making sure that each dose is precisely calculated and measured.

Level 0

The Microdose level requires an amount of 0.2 to 0.5 g of dried mushroom.

It boosts a person’s creativity level, reduces anxiety, and improves mood. Furthermore, it works with a person’s day-to-day routine.

Level 1

A 0.8 to 1 g of dried mushroom will produce a mild high similar to weed. It creates mild visual enhancements and sound distortions. Adding music can uplift the mood and experience.

Level 2

It includes a 1 to 1.5g of dried mushroom that will accentuate the senses, produce brighter colours, and give a lighter body feeling.

Hallucinations like moving objects and geometrical forms are appearing. It has a more intense trip than level 1.

Level 3

It’s the dose (1.5 to 3 g) for beginners who want to experience a real psychedelic trip. Visual hallucinations appear in patterns and fractals.

Visible flashes are not subtle. Distortion of time occurs, and it will feel like an eternity even though it’s only for an hour.

Level 4

Dried mushrooms of 3 to 4 g will cause hallucinations with floods of shapes and colours blending. The person loses touch with reality, and non-existent objects start to appear.

For inexperienced users, it can be scary to reach this level. But for regular users, it’s a powerful and life-altering journey.

Level 5

The dosage goes beyond 4 to 5 g of dried mushroom. The hallucination is extreme, with distortion of space and time. There is a loss of identity, and it’s when a person reaches ego death and spiritual enlightenment.

Choosing the correct dosage will help you experience better trips. The higher your dose, the more you’ll experience bad trips if it’s your first time. So, it is crucial to start low and increase as you find it necessary.

Since Malabar cubensis is potent, the onset can start around 10 minutes. However, the higher the amount taken, the faster the beginning and come-down of the substance. Therefore, a sudden experience can cause first-time users to panic.

Ways to Consume Malabar Mushrooms

You can consume Malabar mushrooms in different ways. It’s always up to your preference. However, dosage and other factors play a role in how the trip will turn out.

  • Directly eat the mushroom. This method allows users to consume the mushroom (dried or fresh). Some claim that it is the best way to get high. However, it has an unpalatable taste.
  • Drink a cup of tea. You can chop the mushroom into small pieces, add hot water, steep for 10 to 15 minutes and serve. You can add herbs or sweeteners like honey.
  • You can make the taste of Malabar mushrooms quite pleasing by cooking them. There are recipes online that will make your mushrooms taste better.


If you want to experience this exceptional food that brings fantastic and intense hallucination, take a bite of Malabar cubensis. It’s a highly potent mushroom that’s fit for the gods. It will make you experience a life-changing trip that you’ve never have been through before.

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