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EMS Technology: How Software Improves Electronic Patient Care Reporting

As emergency medical services have looked to improve response time and overall efficiency, we have seen rapid advancements in the software behaving electronic patient care reporting.

So much so, EPCR has now become standard with almost all emergency medical services.

In this article, we will examine the many ways software such as iPCR can help you and your organization when it comes to patient reporting. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

Customize Workflows

No two EMS organizations, whether public or private, operate the same way. EPCR software allows the operators to customize the interface to fit any type of workflow. Allowing field workers to treat patients without being hindered by an EPCR system that doesn’t fit their workflow.

Reduce Reporting Time

The main goal of EPCR is to reduce the time it takes to fill out a patient report, so you can get back to helping the patient. Paper reporting is dramatically slower than electronic patient care reporting, and new improvements to the software have increased the speed of reporting year after year.

Improved Patient Privacy

Compliance with HIPAA and other regulations designed to protect a patient’s privacy is paramount when collecting their information. EPCR data is encrypted in remote servers. These files can only be accessed with the proper credentials and the information on who opened it and when it is logged down anytime, they have opened. Thai ensures your patient information is only assessed by those who need to see it.

Prevents Incomplete Patient Information

Not only does EPCR reduce reporting time, but it also prevents incomplete information from being submitted, a common problem for paper reporting. Modern software prevents PCR forms from being submitted unless every information box has been filled.

Easily Retrieve Patient Information

A common problem with paper PCR reporting is finding a repeat patient’s information. This is especially true in an emergency situation where the stress is high. With EPCR software, finding a patient is as simple as a name search, and with a click of a button, all the necessary information is at your fingerprint.

Mobile Devices Make Accessing Information Easy

The biggest reason EPCR software has exploded in emergency medical services is the use of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets make it easier for first responders to access a patient’s information and report any important information.

Improve Communication

Quality communication between the home office and emergency field workers is crucial in emergency medical services. EPCR software helps improve communication, so no important information is lost between the cracks. Additionally, the standardization of EPCR files allows anyone to view information and immediately understand what they are reading.

EPCR Software Has Become an Essential Tool

When you look at the many benefits we have listed in this article, it is no surprise that EPCR has pretty much become standard. If you or your organization still use paper or an outdated software package, it is time to make the switch, and your patients will thank you.

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