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Consulting a White Plains employment law attorney: What to expect?

Harassment and discrimination at work can be hard to deal with. While there are federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace, cases of harassment are reported in White Plains. If you believe you have a situation where you have been wronged, you should seek legal help. One of the first steps is to meet a White Plains employment law attorney, who will be your advocate and representative all through the journey. If this is the first consultation, here are some things you can expect.

A quick discussion about the case

Employment lawyers must listen to potential clients and evaluate the available evidence to give an assessment. For the initial minutes, the attorney will ask questions and try to understand the scope and nature of your lawsuit. They may also want to know whether you reported the discrimination or harassment to HR and if the company did something about the complaint.

Answering your questions

As the attorney decides whether to take your case, you also have the right to judge them for their expertise and credentials. A competent lawyer will answer your questions, and you should ask the following –

  1. Do you specialize in employment law?
  2. Do you work for employers and employees alike?
  3. Are you based in White Plains?
  4. How often do you encounter similar cases
  5. What would be your advice for me right now!

Discuss the legal options

For instance, if you have been fired from the job, your lawyer can review the severance agreement and may advise against signing it. They may negotiate with the in-house counsel of your employer to get a better deal, while in some cases, they may insist on getting a mediator involved. There is also a third option of litigation. Your lawyer should tell you about every legal remedy that’s available for your situation.

Talk about payments and fees

Employment lawyers usually work for an hourly rate, but in some cases, they may work on contingency or opt for a hybrid arrangement. They may or may not charge a retainer fee, and it is best to have a clear engagement letter. Just because an attorney is charging more doesn’t mean they have better skills than others. You need to check the lawyer’s overall work profile and capabilities, and if that requires paying a slightly higher hourly rate, you should still consider that.

Find a local employment lawyer in White Plains now!

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