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5 Material Ideas to Create Custom Garden Signs

There are as many garden designs as there are gardeners. Whether your aims are practical or purely aesthetic, public or private, community-run or the vision of a single auteur, a lot of thought and creativity will go into designing your garden. As you browse seed catalogs, drop by the local nursery, or debate the layout of the local park with your neighbors, don’t forget to consider signage options.

Materials for Custom Garden Signs

Different materials will suit different needs. Some of the best options include:

  • Stainless steel: Excellent for botanical labels, practical notifications, or any sign that needs to hold up to challenging weather conditions. Might look out of place in a Zen meditation garden, for which you might want…
  • Bamboo: Beautiful, subtle choice for your garden. Will hold up well so long as you reapply a water seal now and then.
  • Granite: Especially popular for memorials and monuments, granite is very durable, making it a good choice for signs that need to last without frequent care. Elegant and timeless, granite fits most aesthetics.
  • Brass: Not always thought of for gardens, but like bamboo can be used outdoors with a bit of upkeep to ward off tarnish. Adds a sophisticated shine to your garden, and is especially good if you’re going for a warmer color scheme.
  • Plastic: One advantage of plastic is the choice of colors it gives you, making this a great choice for school gardens or any space designed for children or the young at heart. Also good for signs you want to attract attention, whether for advertising purposes or simply courtesy reminders.

Reasons to Consider Garden Signs

You’ll need different types of signs depending on the purpose of your garden. If your garden is a showcase for potential landscaping clients, or a salesroom for fresh cut flowers or hybrid bulbs, anything in this commercial venue might call for many small signs providing botanical details to make purchasing easier.

A public garden calls for many different signs. Custom garden signs will be needed for the name of the park. If it’s a memorial park, you may want a few words about the honoree. Practical notices should also be included, such as a sign indicating where visitors can donate. And, of course, any public space needs friendly (and highly visible) reminders to pick up after your pet.

Speaking of pets, many beloved pets are laid to rest in private gardens; a headstone or plaque can be a comforting reminder of your lost friend. Private gardens can also benefit from custom garden signs as a way to bring order and sophistication to your aesthetic.

Choosing Your Garden Sign

A few things to consider when choosing your garden signs:

  • What aesthetic are you going for?
  • What are the weather conditions of your location?
  • How often will you be checking in on the condition of your signs?
  • How important is visibility of the sign? Does it need to jump out at visitors or does it call for a more subtle placement?

Create a Personalized Garden Sign Today

No matter its purpose or aesthetic, your garden should feel like an oasis. Whether planning a brand new space or considering how to update an existing one, thoughtfully integrated signage is a must.

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