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In the current era of technological development, online sports select is becoming increasingly popular. Nhà cái Hi88 is the top choice of bettors when they want to participate in select. In this article, we will introduce to you in detail about sports select!

Learn in detail what sports select is?

This is a very popular form of online select. Players must rely on the rules and results of daily sports matches to predict the results. Depending on the house, there will be different select odds and game rules.

In an online game portal, in addition to the online game portal lobby, sports select is the place that attracts the largest number of participants. In each sports match, players predict the results from the developments. Then bet your money on the bets offered by the game portal. With sports select, we can participate in areas such as football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.

To make it easier to understand, we will learn a specific example, which is football. Today there is a match between Germany and Spain. The players predict the outcome of this match. For example, who opened the score first, which team will win in the end, what is the score of this match…

What are the characteristics of sports select?

select always has its own characteristics. Therefore, it remains the most popular form of select among players. Here are some unique features of this entertaining game:

  • Sports select always makes players nervous, stressed, and excited. During the select process, you must wait for the progress of each sports match to end. At this point, you will have a win or loss result.
  • Sports select is different from other forms of online Card game. That means the dealer does not have to deal cards and dice. All changes in the game take place completely naturally. The game portals themselves don’t know which team will lose or which team will win.
  • Sports select includes many different games that we can choose from. Like basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, soccer…
  • For each sports select sport, there are different types of bets. Normally, types of sports select are very diverse, rich and have high payout rates.

Some attractive sports select categories at Hi88

Sports select covers many topics. According to the houses, they combine different sports. However, overall, soccer select is probably the most popular type of sport. Almost all game portals offer a variety of select levels for this king of sports. We can refer to some typical games such as:

Football select

Soccer sports bettors will rely on the developments and results of a soccer match to see the results of their bets. Players will use the real money they deposit to the house to bet on winning or losing in a football match. The reason why soccer has the most players is because soccer fans are much larger than other sports. This is also a competition that takes place continuously and regularly on a large scale.

Volleyball select

Next, volleyball is now also a form of sports select that is easy to play, fun, and easy to win. Similar to volleyball select, you also need to predict the results. select, evaluating the match and predicting the winner or loser, select on the total score, depending on the set,…

Players should know the types of volleyball bets:

  • Match select: This is the simplest type of bet, you just need to choose the winning team and the losing team. At the select table, there will be a section to choose the home or away team. Click on the team you trust and then place your bet. The payout rate will be decided by the house.
  • Handicap: The highest rated team will have to handicap the team below them by a certain number of points. This will make the select table more dramatic.

Badminton select

Badminton is also a sports select sport that is loved by many fans around the world. To satisfy your select passion, game portal HI88 regularly provides high quality badminton bets. Currently, the return rate when select on badminton game portals is 0.6%. Take advantage of this opportunity to win huge bonuses!

Basketball select

Similar to volleyball select, basketball select has many options to play. In this type of bet, the bet result must be based on the result of this basketball match. Includes main match time, extra time, extra time. Basketball competitions will not end in a draw like football. Basketball select:

  • Set bet: This is a bet where the player predicts the number of points scored in a set.
  • Team to score first: Count the number of shots, steals, passes and scores 3 points. Therefore, the more a player knows about basketball, the more accurate the prediction will be.
  • Last goal scorer: This bet is the opposite of select on which team will score first.

Tennis select

At that time, Tennis was a “Noble” sport, people called it that because in general, the rich were very passionate about this sport. Of course, tennis tournaments do not discriminate between rich and poor. Moreover, it is also an attractive and interesting select game.

  • Open bet: Predict the final result of the match to see which team will win and which team will lose.
  • Handicap: After the match ends, the strongest player (i.e. the highest rated player) must handicap a set.

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When playing sports select, mistakes are made

To win the game, you must avoid the most unnecessary risks. So please refer to the content!

Choose a game portal that is not reputable

Currently, with the explosion of technology, a series of game portals have sprung up to meet the select needs of players. Therefore, you need to consider which house is capable of bringing the most valuable rewards. Professional game portals always have extremely high payout capabilities as well as very quick deposit and withdrawal transactions. Your information here will also be absolutely confidential. Therefore, choose for yourself the most satisfactory and safe house.

Follow the crowd when placing sports bets

You cannot listen to them but listen to your own opinion. You must research thoroughly before making a decision or you will lose your bet. Take some time for yourself to carefully learn all the information related to the match you are participating in.

Greedy when participating in select

Every game needs a stop, so you need to know when to play and when to stop. Whenever you lose too much, you should not have the mentality of going back to those losing games because the more you lose, the more money you lose.

Participating in sports select: things you need to know

Some things to know when select on sports will help you win more easily.

Recognize and evaluate risks

Every master must know how to evaluate risks. Because only then can you be sure that you won’t lose too easily and make more profits. Therefore, players must create their own playing strategy, from analysis to being able to choose bets with high winning rates.

When choosing a bet, you need to be alert

Whether it’s sports select or not, players need to have a cool head. Being alert and calm will help you win more easily than playing dua or chasing luck. In particular, you must remember that quantity will never be as important as quality. After just a period of practice, you will definitely equip yourself with the necessary skills to be able to bet accurately thanks to this.

Control capital resources

The shared experience that all actors share is that they must have good capital. When select, many people do not know when to stop but will bet arbitrarily. It will just waste money quickly and ineffectively. Instead, you need to create rules and strictly implement them to best control your capital.

Detailed instructions for participating in sports select at Hi88

To participate in select on Hi88 sports matches, you only need to perform the following basic operations:

  • Step 1: Visit the Hi88 homepage and create a personal account right on the main screen interface.
  • Step 2: Log in to the account you just created and deposit money into the account to bet on upcoming matches.
  • Step 3: After successfully depositing money, you return to the Hi88 homepage. In the game category, select “Sports”. Then continue to select the sport with the match you want to bet on.
  • Step 4: Choose the bet level offered by the house. Depending on each bet, you will choose the appropriate team to bet on. Finally, enter the amount you want to bet and press “confirm”. After this step, official matches take place. You just need to wait for the results when the match ends.

This is also the time when you will know whether you win or lose when placing a bet. If you win, you will receive a bonus according to the odds offered at the start of the game, if you are wrong, of course you will lose the entire amount bet.


With that information Hi88 Having just shared above all the things you need to know when participating in sports select, you will definitely understand better and have the most reasonable strategies for yourself. Hope you will earn lots of valuable rewards for yourself and have the most wonderful entertainment time with this sports select game.


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