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Top 5 Reasons to Bring Home a Senior Feline as Your New Fur Kid

Kittens are adorable little furballs, but senior cats can be the perfect pets people might have always dreamed of. Senior felines can already be equipped with a wealth of experience, which is why you shouldn’t overlook these priceless shelter babies.

Although young kittens attract more attention as people walk through the local animal shelters, they should know that senior cats can be equally lovable, loyal, and beautiful. But one thing is for sure you should be prepared to handle unexpected health troubles and emergencies that can ensue due to their declining age.

Spend some time introspecting, and ask yourself if you can afford pet health insurance for the senior fur baby. Look up the various pet insurance for cats available on the internet and check what you can sign up for, given the age and health status.

While you figure out about purchasing cat insurance, read this article to learn some top reasons for bringing home an older cat as your new fur kid.

#1 Mature personality

Young kittens are still developing both in mind and body, so when you bring home a baby cat, you may not know what you signed up for. On the flip side, older kitties have fully evolved personalities and what you see is precisely what you get when you adopt one of them.

#2 Calm and composed

Young kittens and growing cats have plenty of energy, which often means they may constantly run around the home, knock things over, scratch furniture, and do other pesky things. Adult cats may not require as much training to be on their best behavior, especially when it comes to seniors who were somebody else’s pets in the past and need less training.

#3 Quick companions

Kittens require a lot of attention, and most of your time might go into raising them until they reach a particular life phase. However, when it is about older cats, they may already know how to use the litter box, why a scratch post is installed, and how to behave around humans. In the latter case, you can spend more time with your pet because less training and monitoring are involved.

#4 Easy to tackle

Senior cats can be a pretty safe bet when it comes to caring. It can take very little time to click train or leash train them as long as they are healthy overall. Plus, you can consider using a stroller for your senior cat to enjoy outdoor adventures without you having to be scared about it escaping or stressing out its muscles and joints.

#5 Less initial medical procedures

Young kittens should be on a very regular schedule regarding vaccinations for their wellbeing. Boosters, deworming medications, flea and tick preventive care, and spaying/neutering are essential medical procedures your furry baby might have to undergo. However, senior kitties will be done and dusted with much of these initial tasks, and you will have fewer things to worry about. You will likely only need to worry about annual vet check ups and vaccinations plus the usual regular tick/flea/worm preventative treatments.

Yet, you should consider being prepared with pet health insurance because health complaints are often unpredictable and more so in older kitties. Contemplate purchasing pet insurance for cats should you adopt a senior feline so it gets timely medical care during accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, dental and medical emergencies with little economic burden.

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