Tips for Taking Your Kid to the Movies

Those of us who have children know it well: taking our little ones to the cinema for the first time is an unforgettable experience. Either we have a great time and enjoy the great moment together or everything turns out to be a great disaster.

We have heard many stories about taking kids first time to the cinema. Some parents proudly say that their son was very calm and excited watching the movie from start to finish. Other couples say that their son couldn’t even stand the first few minutes of the story and they had to leave the room… These are things that happen when we have small children!

If you haven’t taken your child to the movies yet, here are some recommendations that can help you prepare them for this great experience:

Are you ready?

The right age for children to go to the movies is between 3 or 4 years. But, in addition to age, you must take into account your child’s temperament and tastes. Some children are calmer than others and enjoy watching cartoons on television from a young age, so seeing their favorite characters on a big screen will be a great experience. Other children are more restless and prefer other activities, and surely they can’t stand sitting in the movie theater for long. So it all depends on how your child is.

Choose the movie well

Choose a good cinema for kids. Better yet, watch the trailers of the movies that are in theaters together and choose the one you will see. This way, you can prepare your child in advance and remind them every day of the great adventure that awaits them this weekend.

Also if we have cried with The Lion King, imagine how it can impress such a small child! Better, before seeing a movie, ask those who have already seen it how it is.

Planning and preparation

Days before going to the movies, explain to your child that they are going to see their favorite characters on a very large television.

When the day comes, before you enter the function, take him to the bathroom and make sure your little one is not tired, hungry or thirsty.

Bring water and a small snack. Also, you can bring a cushion or ask for one, most cinemas have special cushions for children to be comfortable and see the screen well. If he needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie or wants to go out for a bit and come back in, don’t worry!

Arrive on time

If possible, avoid commercials and trailers for other movies. Children under the age of 8 cannot tell the difference between the commercials and the movie itself. Also, promos for upcoming movies are often louder and full of fast-paced images, which can be a bit of a scary experience for first-time moviegoers.

Respect and tolerance

I will never forget the first time I took my son to the movies. He did not stop talking throughout the movie! I thought that this would bother the lady who was next to her, but she understood and very kindly told me: “How nice! He is excited!”

This gave me a lot of peace of mind, but the truth is that nobody likes to be interrupted when they are enjoying a movie. To avoid these types of problems, take your child to a special function for children, as there will be many children and adults in the same situation as you.

The best thing is that you never force your child to face something for which he is not prepared. So if you think that the time has not yet come to take it to the cinema, you can have a great time enjoying movies at home. Create a cinema-like atmosphere: lower the curtains, turn off the light, and enjoy! 

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