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Argyle Pink Diamonds Investment

Argyle pink diamonds are extremely rare, and the Tender offers 41 lots of the last violet and blue diamonds. Over the last two decades, the price of these diamonds has appreciated 500%. Despite their astronomical price, many collectors choose to hold on to them for years to come. While this may not seem like a great investment, many people are able to relate to the emotional value of owning a beautiful diamond.

Argyle pink diamonds

argyle pink diamonds investment are a unique type of gemstone that is extremely rare. The Argyle Mine produced 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds before 2020. Using Australian Diamond Portfolio as its basis, this type of gemstone appreciated five times from 2005 to 2020, or an average of 11.5% compounded per year. This is well over double the S&P 500’s gain.

Since production began, around 865 million carats of rough diamonds have emerged from the Argyle mine. Of those, only 0.001% are pink. Even then, they are cut at various yields. While a single diamond is enough to fill a champagne flute, the production of high-quality cut and polished pink diamonds has been a mere two-cup capacity since 1984. Hence, Argyle diamonds are a rare investment.

Unique scarcity properties

The rarity of pink diamonds makes them a good hedge against inflation. This is due to the unique scarcity properties of these diamonds. Because of the closure of the Argyle mine, scarcity has increased significantly. It has become a rare investment and a good way to create a personalized piece of jewelry. And it is an excellent investment as well. However, there is one catch. The Argyle pink diamonds have a low market price and a high price.

Certified Argyle pink diamonds are more expensive than regular pink diamonds. Depending on the quality of color, a single carat pink diamond can cost upwards of $140,000. An Argyle pink diamond can even cost over $200,000, so these diamonds mens wedding rings UK are an exceptional investment. The cost of pink diamonds is a significant part of their appeal, especially as they are very rare. The Argyle diamond mine, located in Western Australia, supplied about 90% of the world’s pink diamonds in the past, and is now closed.

Economic downturn

The Argyle mine is closing down shortly, and the production of these stones is decreasing. Diamonds from this mine are so rare that they command a price 20 times that of white diamonds. However, the Argyle mine has also been impacted by the recent economic downturn. Diamonds from this mine are extremely rare, and a few of the high-quality stones have a price of over $1 million per carat.

Although diamonds from Argyle are relatively small, the market is booming. Because of their limited supply, Argyle diamonds are more likely to increase in value. In 2001, 39% of stones were 1.00 to 1.99 carats. Only 27% were between 0.75 and 0.47 carats. Likewise, in 2011, 31% of stones were between 0.50 and 0.74 carats and two were less than a carat.

They are a safe investment

Despite being a relatively new gem, Argyle pink diamonds are set to continue growing in value as the demand for them grows. In fact, the mine’s end-date is 2020, which means that a new supply is needed to fill the market. The mine is positioned to expand its inventory of fancy-coloured diamonds, which will revive old stones. Investing in Argyle pink diamonds is a sound choice for the future.

Due to the scarcity characteristics of pink diamonds, they’re a great hedge against inflation. Although there’s no way to predict what the future holds, this type of investment is safe. In addition to their limited supply, pink diamonds have seen an increase in value in recent years, allowing investors to make a smart move. When looking for a solid investment opportunity, pink diamonds are the perfect choice.

They are popular

Investors are looking for a good return on investment and Argyle certified pink diamonds offer the ideal option. As the global economy is characterized by instability and volatility, the precious stone is gaining traction as a safe, hard asset. With this in mind, these stones are a great hedge against inflation. In addition, argyle pink diamonds are considered to be of similar value to Bitcoin.


Argyle pink diamonds are among the most expensive, and the ones with the highest value year-on-year growth are rare and high quality. They have a unique color chart and grading report, which makes them desirable to investors. These diamonds are also the best choice for ring investors. However, they are not suitable for everyone and therefore it’s important to shop around. You can buy a diamond for an investment if you’re not sure about its quality. Moreover, you can also get it for a gift or as an investment.

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